Man who fatally beat ‘Law & Order’ actress’ dog gets probation, no jail time


A TV “Law & Order” actress is outraged the man who beat her Maltese pooches so savagely that one of them died won’t spend a single day in jail for his crime.

Vincent Tang appeared remotely Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court, where he was handed down the promised slap on the wrist of five years’ probation after agreeing to mental-health counseling, a 10-year ban on animal ownership and registration on the city’s animal abuse registry for beating the pooches belonging to Janis Dardaris, who has appeared in everything from “Law & Order” and HBO’s “The Sopranos” to the movie “The Sixth Sense.”

“I am beyond disappointed at the decision to sentence Mr. Tang to only probation,” Dardaris told The Post in a statement.

“I don’t understand how someone who committed such cruel and violent acts against two small dogs would not have to face more serious consequences. Mr. Tang has caused me so much pain. I live with the consequences of his actions every day.”

Tang previously copped to two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals for the shocking slaying of Dardaris’ beloved pup Alex, 11, and the near-fatal beating of pooch Frankie, 12.

“This has been a mental-health issue since day one,” defense lawyer Jason Goldman told The Post.

“We’re appreciative that the court, unlike the government, agreed that ongoing treatment is a better solution for him than sitting in a jail cell,” the lawyer said, referring to the deal the judge offered Tang over the prosecutor’s objections.

Vincent Tang was given a five years probation after previously pleading guilty for animal abuse. He appeared remotely Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court.
Actress Janis Dardaris says she is “beyond disappointed at the decision to sentence Mr. Tang to only probation.”
Steven Hirsch

Dardaris had entrusted her pooches to the care of a dog-sitter, who was Tang’s then-girlfriend, in the fall of 2019 while she acted in a play in South Carolina, she previously told The Post.

Tang snuck into his girlfriend’s apartment when she wasn’t home and viciously tortured Dardaris’s white-furred companions Oct. 24, 2019.

After fatally beating Alex, Tang was accused of taking Frankie to the building’s rooftop and punching, throwing and kicking him.

The disturbing assault was captured on video by an alarmed neighbor, according to the criminal complaint.

Police showed up to the apartment and rushed the injured pooch to an animal hospital with head injuries, two cracked ribs and a permanently damaged left eye, court papers allege. Alex wasn’t as lucky. He died of traumatic brain injury after sustaining multiple skull fractures, the criminal complaint states.

If convicted at trial, Tang faced up to two years in prison.

Dardaris’ lawyer, Robert Cannata, filed a suit against Tang for intentional infliction of emotional distress and trespass. The civil case is still pending.


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