Melissa DeRosa email omits harassment, nursing home scandals


Gov. Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, urged administration underlings to just keep doing their jobs during this “beyond challenging” time — in a ‘nothing-to-see-here-folks’ message that failed to mention either the mounting sexual misconduct allegations or ongoing nursing home scandal roiling the administration.

DeRosa — whose stunning admission that the Cuomo administration hid the true toll of COVID-19 nursing home fatalities from the public and officials was exposed by The Post — thanked her underlings Sunday in a staff-wide email.

“This past year has been beyond challenging,” she wrote, with the country coming on the one-year anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “There are no words for the extreme and daunting crisis that our world faced. But together, we navigated a once-in-a-century pandemic to the absolute best of our ability with one purpose held tight: to deliver for the people of New York.”

But DeRosa’s soppy note is void of any reference to the pair of predicaments plaguing Cuomo and threatening to topple his administration.

The guv is facing sexual harassment and abuse accusations from two former staffers — Lindsey Boylan, who claims Cuomo planted an unwanted kiss on her lips, and Charlotte Bennett, who said interactions left her convinced that Cuomo “wanted to sleep with” her.

Melissa DeRosa
Melissa DeRosa
Hans Pennink

The three-term Democrat brushed off the allegations — which have prompted a probe by Attorney General Tish James — as “jokes” that were misinterpreted as “unwanted flirtation” in an apology Sunday.

Meanwhile, a 2016 video has emerged showing Cuomo egging on a female journalist to “eat the whole sausage” at the New York State Fair.

And a former Albany journalist, Lindsay Nielsen, has come forward saying the “personal attacks” she endured by Cuomo’s administration drove her to quit her job.

Cuomo has also been under fierce fire for his botching the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in nursing homes that killed thousands — and repeatedly downplaying the actual number of deaths. He is also facing ramped-up calls to resign.

And Cuomo and his aides’ bullying ways behind the scenes have also been exposed in the wake of the nursing home coverrup.

But in her email, DeRosa, the secretary to the governor, patted her employees on the back for a job well done.

“Each day, you do your jobs with extraordinary dedication, skill, talent and relentless passion to help New Yorkers navigate this crisis,” she wrote. “You should be extremely proud of what you have accomplished.”

“I ask you to keep doing exactly that,” she continued. “Execute with talent and endless strength and vision … Thank you for your public service. Thank you for your continued herculean effort.”


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